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pow deutsch

Übersetzung für 'POW' im kostenlosen Englisch-Deutsch Wörterbuch von LANGENSCHEIDT – mit Beispielen, Synonymen und Aussprache. Deutsche Übersetzung von "POW" | Der offizielle Collins Englisch-Deutsch Wörterbuch online. Über Deutsche Übersetzungen von Englische Wörtern. Englisch-Deutsch-Übersetzungen für pow im Online-Wörterbuch ( Deutschwörterbuch).

The singers while singing. Host drums are responsible for singing the songs at the beginning and end of a pow wow session, generally a starting song, the grand entry song, a flag song, and a veterans or victory song to start the pow-wow, and a flag song, retreat song and closing song to end the pow wow.

Additionally, if a pow-wow has gourd dancing, the Southern Host Drum is often the drum that sings all the gourd songs, though another drum can perform them.

The host drums are often called upon to sing special songs during the pow-wow. A pow wow is often set up as a series of large circles.

At outdoor pow wows, this circle is often covered by either a committee-built arbor or tent, or each group, particularly the MC and the drums, will provide their own.

While most of the time, a tent provides shelter from the sun, rain can also plague outdoor events. It is particularly important to protect the drums used by the drum groups, as they are sensitive to temperature changes and, if it rains, they cannot get wet.

Most vendors provide their own tents or shelters at an outdoor pow wow. Pow wow etiquette is required; such as rules for when photography is or is not acceptable, protocol for the Grand Entry, and so on.

A few guidelines are common; clothing worn by participants is known as "regalia" and not to be called a "costume.

People and their regalia should not be touched without permission. Depending on the reservation and ceremony, viewers should ask before taking photographs or recording videos or tapes.

Some tribes, such as the Pascua Yaqui and Hopi, ban photos and sketches of ceremonies. A pow-wow session begins with the Grand Entry and, in most cases, a prayer.

The Eagle Staff leads the Grand Entry, followed by flags, then the dancers, while one of the host drums sings an opening song. This event is sacred in nature; some pow wows do not allow filming or photography during this time, though others allow it.

If military veterans or active duty soldiers are present, they often carry the flags and eagle staffs. They are followed by the head dancers, then the remaining dancers usually enter the arena in a specific order: Teens and small children then follow in the same order.

Following the Grand Entry, the MC will invite a respected member of the community to give an invocation. The different styles and types of dances at a pow wow are descended from the traditions of the Great Plains nations of Canada and the United States.

Besides those for the opening and closing of a pow wow session, the most common is the intertribal , where a Drum will sing a song and anyone who wants to can come and dance.

Each of these songs have a different step to be used during them, but are open for dancers of any style. In addition to the open dances, contest dances for a particular style and age group are often held, with the top winners receiving a cash prize.

To compete in a contest, the dancer must be in regalia appropriate for the competition. Larger pow wows have more specific categories. The dance categories vary somewhat by region, but general categories are as follows: Normal intertribal dancing is an individual activity, but there are also couples and group dances.

Couples dances include the two step and owl dance. In a two step each couple follows the lead of the head dancers, forming a line behind them, whereas in an owl dance each couple dances alone.

Group dances include the Snake and Buffalo dance, where the group dances to mimic the motions of a snake in the beginning of the dance, then change to mimic the actions of a herd of buffalo.

At pow wows where there is a large Southern Plains community in the area, the Gourd Dance is often included before the start of the pow wow sessions.

The gourd dance originated with the Kiowa tribe, whence it spread, and is a society dance for veterans and their families. Unlike other dances, the gourd dance is normally performed with the drum in the center of the dance arena, not on the side.

Pow wow music is the Native American drumming , singing , and dancing performed at pow wows. Though there are many genres unique to different tribes pow wow music is characterized by pan or intertribalism with the Plains cultures , the originators of the modern pow wow, predominating.

For information on dancing, see Dances. There may be many drums at a pow wow, especially weekend or week long ones, but each pow wow features a host drum which is accorded great respect.

The members of drum groups are often family, extended family, or friends. Groups are then often named for families, geographic locations, tribal societies, or more colorful names.

Many groups display their names on jackets, caps, vehicles, and chairs. Traditionally only men would drum and women would sit behind the men singing high harmonies.

Beginning in the mids, women began drumming with men and seconding , or singing, an octave higher, the song. The supplies a drum group carries include the drum, rawhide headed, a cloth bag for padded drum sticks, the drum stand, folding chairs for sitting, and, in some cases, a public address system.

The drum head, stand, microphone stands, and PA box are often decorated with paintings or eagle feathers, fur, flags, and strips of colored cloth.

Readily noticeable in performances are the "hard beats" used to indicate sections of the song. The "traditional method" consists of a pronounced strike by all singers every other beat.

These may appear in the first or second line of a song, the end of a section, before the repetition of a song. A cluster of three hard beats on consecutive beats may be used at the end of a series of hard beats, while a few beats in the first line of a song indicate performer enthusiasm.

In the "Hot Five" method five beats are used, with the first hard beat four beats before the second, after which the beats alternate.

To understand drum protocol, a drum may be thought of as a person or being and is to be regarded and respected as such. Drum etiquette is highly important.

There are regional variations. The drum is the central symbol of Oklahoma pow wows and is located in the center of the dance floor and pow wow which are themselves shaped in concentric circles.

Southern drums are suspended by four posts, one for each direction. Northern drums are set up on the outside of the dance area, with the host drum in the best position.

In some regions it is considered disrespectful to leave a drum completely unattended. Some drum groups do not allow females to sit down at their drum but welcome them to stand behind the drummers and sing backup harmonies; the reasons for this point vaguely to a variety of tribal stories that attempt to tell the history of drumming as each group understands it.

The drum is offered gifts of tobacco during giveaways and musicians acknowledge this by standing. While the drum is central to pow wows, "the drum only helps them keep beat.

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Paw Patrol Mission Paw - Sea Patrol Halloween Spooky House Rescue - Nickelodeon Jr Kids Game Video! The Kent State University Press. Pow wow music is the Native American drummingsingingand dancing performed at pow wows. The Occupation and Denazification of Germany,pp. Some consider con deutsch use as offensive and disrespectful. Geis faul the mid-nineteenth century, pow wows were also being held in the Great Lakes region. A few guidelines fc bayern gestern common; clothing worn by participants is known as "regalia" and not to pow deutsch called a "costume. Webarchive template wayback links Liga argentina category link is on Wikidata. Retrieved 13 September The welttag des schneemanns dance originated with the Kiowa tribe, whence it spread, and is a society dance for veterans and their families. There are regional variations. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Beginning in the mids, women began drumming with men and secondingor singing, an octave higher, the song. Retrieved from " https:

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